Automotive Sensors & Stators

Automotive underhood applications are expected to reach above 220°C by 2020.

As operating temperatures continue to increase, the trend in automotive manufacturing is to upgrade from thermoplastics to higher performing thermoset epoxy materials.

These higher performance thermoset plastics have proven operating temperature performance above 200°C.

Key Application Considerations:

  • Parts are often made of copper and nylon
  • Requires >1000 thermal cycles from -40°C to 195°C
  • Are regularly in contact with typical automotive fluids

Key Material Properties:

  • Very high adhesion to a range of materials including nylon and copper
  • CTE-matched to copper to avoid delamination
  • Resistant to automotive fluids including gas, diesel and transmission oils
     is a very tough epoxy mold compound with excellent high temperature resistance. It is used in applications that use thermoset plastics instead of thermoplastics because of the high temperature requirements.