Resistors, Capacitors, Varistors and Passive Electronics

Passive electronic component types and the need for electrical insulation

GRE supplies a range of epoxy coating powders developed for electrical insulation of passive electronic devices including resistors, varistors and capacitors. From incredible thermal cycle materials for Class 1 rated Ceramic Capacitors, to low cost epoxy coating powders for film wrap capacitors, GRE epo-tek products pioneered this industry and continue to push the envelope for the best performing materials on the market today. Most of the products offered by GRE for passive electronics have a UL-listing.

Passive electronic components are normally two-terminal components that cannot introduce net energy into a circuit and also cannot amplify a signal (have the ability to produce gain).

Examples of passive components include:

  • Capacitors: Components that store and release electrical charge
  • Resistors: Components that oppose current and pass current in proportion to the voltage.
  • Varistors: Components that pass current when there is too much voltage.
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