Clear lube

Clear Lube-S


·         Transparent.

·         Extreme adhesion.

·         Maintains viscosity at temperatures between -45°C and +250°C.

·         Ideal tor heavy duty applications

General info: 

·         CLEAR LUBE-S is a specially composed lubricant based on acrylate copolymers and neutral, synthetic oils, mixed with aliphatic and a small quantity of aromatic petroleum distillates to increase its penetrating effect.
CLEAR LUBE-S contains PTFE to increase the standing time and to lower the resistance to sliding.
CLEAR LUBE-S has been specially developed for use in the most extreme conditions.
CLEAR LUBE-S even retains its good lubricating and protective characteristics in case of constant contact with water and weak acids.
CLEAR LUBE-S protects against corrosion by forming a thin polymer film layer, although it still penetrates deeply into the objects being lubricated.
CLEAR LUBE-S can be used in a large temperature range without changing viscosity.
Due to its high adhesive capacity CLEAR LUBE-S resists high-pressure cleaning.
CLEAR LUBE-S reduces chain friction and wear and extends the life span of a chain by up to 10 times. CLEAR LUBE-S is safe to use with rubbers and plastics.

Application information: 

·         long-lasting lubrication and protection of gear wheels, couplings, cables, guides, ball bearings, hinges, sliding rods, o-ring chains, etc.

·         CLEAR LUBE-S is resistant against steam, most acids, chemicals, friction and weather influences

Technical information: 

Basis: acrylate - copolymers = neutral oil.
Solvent: aliphatic hydrocarbons with a slight quantity of aromatics.
Additives: PTFE.
Solubility in water: insoluble.
Appearance: liquid.
Odour: characteristic.
Viscosity mPa.s 20°C: 1300.
Vapour pressure 20°C Pa: 19000.
Relative density/20°C: 0.750.
Spontaneous ignition: 365°C.
Flash point: < -20°C.
Boiling point / boiling range °C: 60 - 300.
Temperature resistance: -45°C to +250°C.
Shelf life: 36 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.