GRE EPO-TEC is an expert in custom liquid formulations

Formulated liquids include a range of chemistry and application types. These applications can include potting type encapsulants, adhesives and patch repair type products.

GRE EPO-TEC is unique in that it provides both formulated liquids and molding compounds, allowing the development to take place in liquids and the competence to further develop the base chemistry in molding compounds.

Key Strengths:

o    Unique Chemistries

o    Custom formulations

o    Room temperature and frozen formulations

Battery Potting

Battery sealing systems are used to bond case lids to the housing and potting the terminals of sealed lead-acid storage batteries (mainly for portable/ remote applications and uninterruptable power supplies -UPS).

o      Key bonding and potting materials are epoxy based; only small amount of polyesters are used.

o    The most important requirements are acid resistance, adhesion to ABS and other housing materials, and cure speed.



A relay is an electromagnetic switching element with a small coil, which is protected from the environment by potting (resulting in some insulation as well) or just by sealing.

o     fast curing

o     excellent adhesion to thermoplastic (or metal) box material

o      in some cases good impregnation capability

o     no attack of the wire enamel


Modules & Sensors

Modules are combination of different components often in conjunction with an assembled PWB or a hybrid circuit. Some modules are placed into a thermoplastic or metal box and potted for further mechanical and chemical protection and/ or to improve vibration resistance and/ or to achieve an easy and defined shape  Other modules get no protection at all or just a thermoplastic or metal housing, the later one often sealed-off with a PUR or epoxy system


Ignition Coils: Automotive Ignition Coils

o    excellent impregnation of fine wire windings

o      limited filler sedimentation

o     excellent crack resistance

o     good adhesion to thermoplastic bobbins and housings

o     excellent thermo-mechanical and electrical short and

o    long term properties (-40°C …> 150°C, up to 40 kV)